The Advantages of Combo Length

The Advantages of Combo Length

While manufacturers continuously introduce new heads and shafts, the core setup of iron and wedge sets has remained relatively stagnant for years. Enter combo length iron sets, such as Avoda Golf's Origin Series, which challenge conventional norms and promise superior accuracy into and around the green.

Currently, the market offers two types of iron sets: variable lengths and same lengths, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Traditional variable-length irons/wedges comprise 10 different shaft lengths and head weights, necessitating a different setup and swing for each shot into and around the green, which can make consistent ball striking with your irons and wedges challenging.

In these sets, lower-lofted clubs feature light heads on long shafts, while higher-lofted clubs have heavy heads on shorter shafts. The unnecessarily long shafts of the 4, 5, and 6 irons can lead to inconsistent strikes, adversely affecting performance on long shots. Moreover, the heavier wedge heads can result in faster ball speeds, reducing spin and control around the green.

On the other hand, same-length irons have addressed many of the consistency issues stemming from variable-length sets. However, players with slower club head speeds may struggle to achieve the desired height, spin, and carry distance with 4, 5, or 6 irons at a 7 iron length. Additionally, shorter players may find it challenging to adapt to playing wedges at a 7 iron length.

Scoring Clubs vs Long Approach Clubs

A set of irons/wedges can be divided into two categories: scoring clubs and long approach clubs.

Scoring Clubs

Scoring clubs, typically ranging from the lob wedge to the 8 iron, are used for shorter to medium distance approach shots and aim to achieve maximum accuracy close to the hole. They require different length swings to control three main elements: launch, ball speed, and spin rate. However, with traditional variable-length clubs, these elements are more challenging to control due to the constant changes in setup and swing when switching between clubs.

Additionally, the changing head weights in traditional variable-length scoring clubs, with the lob wedge head sometimes exceeding 300 grams creates a higher smash factor leading to faster ball speeds. This necessitates a slower swing to compensate, which in turn can reduce friction with the ball and compromise spin and control around the green.

Long approach clubs

Long approach clubs, typically your 4, 5, and 6 irons, are meant to cover specific yardage gaps consistently with a full swing but are rarely used for different length swings or in-between distances. Most golfers begin to struggle with strike consistency as the club length increases. In traditional variable-length sets, these clubs are longer than necessary, making them difficult to strike consistently and potentially harming your score on long par 3s, 4s, or 5s. Their light head weights, designed to balance the set's swing weight, also make them less forgiving.

Why Combo Length Solves These Problems

A combo length set like The Origin Series from Avoda Golf is split into same-length scoring clubs and variable-length stock distance clubs. The scoring clubs, from lob wedge to 8 iron, are all played at a standard length of 36 inches, roughly equivalent to a 9 iron. This small increase in shaft length on your wedges is easily adjustable within a couple of swings.

With all scoring clubs at the same length, you need only one setup and one swing. This greatly enhances your ability to consistently control launch angle, ball speed, and spin rate.

As the scoring clubs are uniform in length, the head weights are also standardized, lowering the weight on the wedges by as much as 25 grams compared to a traditional variable-length set. A lighter wedge head results in MORE SPIN. If you have clubs with the same loft and you swing them at the same speed but one has a significantly lighter head, the lighter head will produce lower ball speeds. To match the carry distance of the heavier club, you will need to swing the lighter head faster, generating more friction and, consequently, MORE SPIN. This is a substantial advantage for tricky shots within 50 yards, as with same-length wedges, you can strike the ball firmly without fear of it jumping off the face, giving you significantly more control and confidence for critical shots around the green.

With scoring clubs all at the same length, it also allows the 4, 5, and 6 irons to be played with slightly shorter shafts and slightly heavier heads than a traditional variable-length set. The shorter shafts drastically improve strike consistency without sacrificing distance, while the slightly heavier heads enhance forgiveness on off-center hits.

Other Advantages

Traditional clubs typically have a 3-4 degree gapping in loft, offering limited flexibility in the longer end of your bag. In contrast, combo length sets like The Origin Series from Avoda feature a 5-degree loft gap in the same-length scoring clubs and a 4-degree gap in the variable-length stock distance clubs. This strategy frees up space in your bag for an additional club, maintaining the same distance coverage as a traditional variable-length set.

You could carry a driving iron and a 5-wood simultaneously for different flight options, or an extra lob wedge with a different sole grind for occasional awkward short game shots. You might even opt for two drivers, one designed for accuracy on tighter tee shots and another for distance on wider holes. The choice is now yours, thanks to the flexibility provided by combo length sets.

Combo length iron sets, like The Origin Series from Avoda Golf, are designed for golfers who seek the best of both worlds: consistency in their scoring shots and flexibility in their long shots. Whether you're a seasoned player facing the challenges of varying shot requirements or a beginner looking to improve your game, combo length clubs offer a unique advantage. They simplify the short game with uniform lengths while providing tailored options for longer shots. This innovative approach is especially beneficial for players who struggle with consistency or those looking to fine-tune their equipment to better match their playing style. Embrace the freedom and flexibility of a combo length set, and elevate your game to new heights.